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First Class Health Care at Affordable Rates

The prices for the procedures listed below include only the facility fee. The surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, and pathology fee (if applicable) are separate and you will be billed for those charges separately.


A list of what is not included in the facility fee is as follows:


  • Any hardware or implants necessary for completion of the procedure. For example: plates and screws for orthopedic procedures.

  • Lodging and travel expenses. You must have a responsible adult to provide transportation upon discharge that can stay with you.

  • Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of the surgery and discharge from the facility.


The list of surgeries below are just a few of the procedures that are performed at the Palouse Surgery Center. If the procedure you are having done is not listed below, feel free to call the surgery center to get pricing.


We encourage all patients having surgery to call around to the local hospitals to get price quotes to compare the price differences.

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